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bulletI always hated these idiot's.
bulletWhat do you think about my new Tattoo?
bulletIraqi's get smoked
bulletWatch our military might at it's best.
bulletMaradie Gets eaten by a hippo
bulletStricken with dementia, Maradie runs off and joins the circus only to suffer a tragic death.
bulletVermani's 5th Wedding
bulletGroup photograph taken at  Vermani's 5th wedding.  He got dumped by his 4th wife when his metabolism finally caught up with him. 
bullet Beanie Baby Auction
bulletOk whoever the hell is serious about these things is crazy.  I love how the proceeds go to buying beer and tools.  Read the whole thing.
bulletGuide To Drinks
bulletWhat folks order says a lot about their personalities.
bullet Die Seal Die!!!
bulletWatch the Seal Die!!!! (Hard to hear but volume necessary)
bulletShitty Jobs
bulletYou Check us out
bulletEye Exam
bulletLet me know when you figure out which circles are moving and which are still
bulletPing-Pong Akin Style
bulletThis is how Akin learned to play Ping-Pong (may take a few seconds to load)
bullet A fun new approach to dating where women are Cougars and men are Willing Prey.
bulletCollege Humor
bulletA great site to kill time.  Lots of funny stuff
bulletDrunk In Dewey
bulletSummer photos and fun.
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